CareBears Table Center

My daugther turn one on the 11thof August and we decided to make the party CareBear theme. I was thinking of putting actual plushes on the tables but nooo, noo, noo I did foamie Carebears yaaasss..

You can watch here how i made them super easy, super simple and very original.


September Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month… wear turquoise

September Ovarian cancer awareness month like the title say is a month that I sure celebrate in a way and feel sad on the other end. I suffered ovarian cancer when I was 19 years old a rare condition or I should say a rare cancer for a 19 year old  woman should have. I though that cancer was only for the very elderly people or you where born with it but no that was not the case for me. I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in April 2009 and it was a tumor of the size of a cantaloupe melon and for that I lost my right ovary and now only have my left ovary. I had chemotherapy to treat it and get rid off the extras that could have stayed during the process of the removal of the tumor with the ovary.

Here on these videos here I explain long time ago how I find out about it and what happened and now today in 2016 I can say I am free of ovarian cancer and have a 13 month baby girl with just one ovary. Anything you want you can have so don’t give up for those you think is hard.

Here I explain what ovarian cancer is, the symptoms and the treatment roughly and quickly I tell you all what its about in this video.





Parasol, Super soft Diapers

On the hunt for some soft diapers was my target today and it seems like this mom has found one and with super cute patterns. I was on my usual scrolling on my facebook page and came to see the advertisement of the Parasol diaper and wipes. It said free trial and to tell you the truth the “free” got me, no surprise there. Unfortunately they are not completely free as they charge you $5 for shipping. I order it and in like 3-5 days I received them from the UPS delivery.  I love the box and again I am a sucker for cute boxes, hehe any who.

They seem very similar to the Honest Company diapers as they have different patterns on their diapers. I gotta tell you Parasol diapers are softer and the Parasol wipes seem more resistant than Huggie’s, Pamper’s, and Honest Company as well and any other brand. I really liked theirs wipes, as for the diapers they seem very similar to the Snuggler’s from Huggie’s but I sure think Parasol are an inch softer. The only thing is the outside material of them they seem very paperish so I don’t like that; but that is just my opinion

If you would like to see the unboxing of the trial box and my reaction to the softness of the diapers and wipes click here and watch my unboxing video. 

Check the weekend reviews for Parasol Co diapers and wipes extremely soft

Here you can also check and get a free trial for your self

Baby hands, foot and mouth disease…WHAT!

Talk about freaking out when your child is sick and you do not know what is happening. That is what happened to me June 9th when I woke up and my baby girl gave me a big smile that saw her grill Hehe. I saw sores on her gums, inside of the lips and tongue and I immediately call her doctor and got and appointment within 2 hours from when I called. They do the usual weighing, and measuring her and then the doctor came in and checked her.

Doctor checked  her ears, mouth, throat, feet, hands, and buttocks to see if the rash had spread to other places. She only had it her gums, tongue and throat and outside her lips which was enough for me to freak out. She gave her ibuprofen and acetaminophen every 6 hours swapping which one I was going to give her. This will help her gums get un-swollen and if she had pain to go away. This two medicines were done in the pharmacy they were not the over the counter bottles so I had to have a prescription for them.

Her diet or the food she had to eat was the amount she wanted and mostly milk til she feel like eating solids. She could also eat Popsicle and ice cream so the mouth feel better and get the swollen gums feel relief. That was a plus for my baby Luna because she love it and it was like candy to her mouth. I do recommend the Popsicle that have no sugar so is more healthy. Everything should go away with in a week and baby will be happy and laughing again.

I do talk about more in detail about it in this video so please go and watch it so you get more informed about the baby hand and feet disease and don’t get alarmed like it did.


What’s in your baby’s Medicine Cabinet?

I though that having a baby medicine cabinet would be great to have separate from our (adult) medicine cabinet. You really have to be super careful what you give to your baby not all is good to give and having it separate is the best option. My baby is 8 months already but I started her medicine cabinet since she was born. Being a new mom is super important for me to do it right the first time so this was on the top of my list.

My medicine cabinet include gripe water and gas relief drops for colic’s and trouble with burping. It also included Butt Paste for diaper rash along with some q-tips for putting the diaper rash in case my fingers where in the kitchen cooking. Q-tips are also for her ears to clean them and also to give her a little massage when she was teething. This takes us to having a teething toy there too, I also seemed to miss place it and having one there is really helpful. I also have handy and there is possible a teething pacifier like the berry teeter very helpful for those painful night. Along with that having Orajel for the gums huge YES to having it there teething is very painful.

For the pain is very important to check the weight of your baby for the correct dosage you give them so Tylenol is a must to have and only okay to give after 6 months and if earlier ask a pediatrician. Another thing to have there is saline water along with a bulb sucker for the buggers to relieve constipation and stuffy nose. For the same symptoms and relieve for the night vick’s vapo rub for baby’s is also a must to have in my baby’s medicine cabinet. and the last one is to have a thermometer to check if at all the baby has any fever anything 100.4 and up is an emergency.

if you would like to see it and the brands I have please check out the video in my channel for a visual of all I am talking about. Medicine is super important and giving relieve to a fuzzy baby is number one to deal with.

Am I kangaroo and haven’t noticed?!

Being a first time mothers is like having a test every single day and not had studied the day before, seriously! I asked my self am I a kangaroo and haven’t noticed? the other day. Here is why, my almost 8 month baby girl has a terrible separation anxiety that I have to carry her or me right next to her 24/7. A kangaroo carries her baby in her pouch 24/7 and that’s when I though maybe I am a jumping Kangaroo and I haven’t noticed.

My baby weights 20 pound and carrying her all the time is also giving me terrible back aches no matter if I have a good posture or if I carry her on the sling. She doesn’t like be carried by any body else sometimes including her dad. Which for her Dad is perfect if you know what I mean. She cries her head of if someone takes her away from me and as soon as I have er back she shuts as a door behind you aaagggh. If I go to the bathroom I have to do it in a flash literally.

Sometimes I feel like running out the door and screaming but of course everything just in my head because this mother has things to do. I love my daughter with all my heart but at time she is a little hard on me and makes me want to cry. I learn something new every single day and seeing her grow so fast makes me happy and sad at the same time. While am sure that right now am crying out of desperation later I will be crying because my baby would no longer be a baby. In a matter of fact I am crying right now just thinking about it.

I don’t care if I am a Kangaroo and probably produce a hunch back I love you Luna from the bottom of my heart to the moon and back.


What’s on my Child’s Easter Basket?

Easter is almost here and everyone, well not everyone but mommies are getting their child Easter baskets ready. Since this would be Luna’s first Easter I almost had no idea what to put in her basket since she is only 7 months old. I made some choices that would help me with my daughter but she would still enjoy.

Here is what I have included on the basket I sure went low in the budget since she is very little and getting her lots of things would not really matter. I have bought her basket at the 99c store and it looks like a purse and its plastic so she can later used it and wont rip like a basket would. I include a bag of balloons since she is starting to love them, I also included one cute stress ball apple from shoopkins. I also included a little cute rabbit since everything Easter is about the Rabbit or Bunny.

Since we are collecting the care bears I also included two blind bags. Since after mass we would go and hunt for eggs she would need a cute easy to be in outfit. Last but not least included two kinder eggs they are delicious chocolate eggs which include a toy inside. The chocolate for me and the toy for Luna since she wont eat the chocolate hehe. Not forgetting her bunny ear head band to wear and be silly as she can be.

Here is a video where you can see what’s on my child’s Easter basket and her Easter Sunday outfit. Don’t forget that mom’s also have fun and need some chocolate for Easter.


easter  basket 4easter  basket 5