CareBears Table Center

My daugther turn one on the 11thof August and we decided to make the party CareBear theme. I was thinking of putting actual plushes on the tables but nooo, noo, noo I did foamie Carebears yaaasss..

You can watch here how i made them super easy, super simple and very original.


September Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month… wear turquoise

September Ovarian cancer awareness month like the title say is a month that I sure celebrate in a way and feel sad on the other end. I suffered ovarian cancer when I was 19 years old a rare condition or I should say a rare cancer for a 19 year old  woman should have. I though that cancer was only for the very elderly people or you where born with it but no that was not the case for me. I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in April 2009 and it was a tumor of the size of a cantaloupe melon and for that I lost my right ovary and now only have my left ovary. I had chemotherapy to treat it and get rid off the extras that could have stayed during the process of the removal of the tumor with the ovary.

Here on these videos here I explain long time ago how I find out about it and what happened and now today in 2016 I can say I am free of ovarian cancer and have a 13 month baby girl with just one ovary. Anything you want you can have so don’t give up for those you think is hard.

Here I explain what ovarian cancer is, the symptoms and the treatment roughly and quickly I tell you all what its about in this video.