Parasol, Super soft Diapers

On the hunt for some soft diapers was my target today and it seems like this mom has found one and with super cute patterns. I was on my usual scrolling on my facebook page and came to see the advertisement of the Parasol diaper and wipes. It said free trial and to tell you the truth the “free” got me, no surprise there. Unfortunately they are not completely free as they charge you $5 for shipping. I order it and in like 3-5 days I received them from the UPS delivery.  I love the box and again I am a sucker for cute boxes, hehe any who.

They seem very similar to the Honest Company diapers as they have different patterns on their diapers. I gotta tell you Parasol diapers are softer and the Parasol wipes seem more resistant than Huggie’s, Pamper’s, and Honest Company as well and any other brand. I really liked theirs wipes, as for the diapers they seem very similar to the Snuggler’s from Huggie’s but I sure think Parasol are an inch softer. The only thing is the outside material of them they seem very paperish so I don’t like that; but that is just my opinion

If you would like to see the unboxing of the trial box and my reaction to the softness of the diapers and wipes click here and watch my unboxing video. 

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Here you can also check and get a free trial for your self