Mom to mom Diapers a better alternative.

The other day my favorite grocery store send me a coupon/freebie and I went and got that rewards who doesn’t love freebies. The freebie was a packet of mom to mom diapers completely for free. I exclusively use Huggies for my daughter because am afraid she will get a rash if I keep on swapping diapers just because I found a sale. I decide to give it a go because it sound it comforting for me to give it a try since it’s from a “mom to mom”.

These are a bit cheaper than the regular brand I use for the same size packet for Huggies it’s $9.99 but for mom to mom it’s $7.99. I  bit of less money and I absolutely fell in love with because of the feel of them and because so far I haven’t got a spill or anything from them. It has hold over night pee and watery pop from my daughter and this is a size 4 that I am talking about. We had tried CVS brand diapers and those are extremely rough and weird, mom to mom diapers are soft, flexible and light on weight. I would definitely repeat this buy if I change my mind and go for the cheaper version of diapers.

If you would like to see how they look and see my daughter “pooped diaper without a spill”, hehe then go and check out the video I made for you guys. I rate this diapers with a 5 stars out of 5, and she hasn’t gotten a diapers rash either so a plus for that as well.

click me to see video in youtube platform.


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