Mom to mom Diapers a better alternative.

The other day my favorite grocery store send me a coupon/freebie and I went and got that rewards who doesn’t love freebies. The freebie was a packet of mom to mom diapers completely for free. I exclusively use Huggies for my daughter because am afraid she will get a rash if I keep on swapping diapers just because I found a sale. I decide to give it a go because it sound it comforting for me to give it a try since it’s from a “mom to mom”.

These are a bit cheaper than the regular brand I use for the same size packet for Huggies it’s $9.99 but for mom to mom it’s $7.99. I  bit of less money and I absolutely fell in love with because of the feel of them and because so far I haven’t got a spill or anything from them. It has hold over night pee and watery pop from my daughter and this is a size 4 that I am talking about. We had tried CVS brand diapers and those are extremely rough and weird, mom to mom diapers are soft, flexible and light on weight. I would definitely repeat this buy if I change my mind and go for the cheaper version of diapers.

If you would like to see how they look and see my daughter “pooped diaper without a spill”, hehe then go and check out the video I made for you guys. I rate this diapers with a 5 stars out of 5, and she hasn’t gotten a diapers rash either so a plus for that as well.

click me to see video in youtube platform.


All that hype for nothing.

Hello there fellow reader and maybe blogger too. I have a question for you, would you ever give a false promise to another blogger and maked them be all hyped and at the end drop them from the highest mountain?

Well, that’s what happened to me a while ago. The same reason why I hadn’t blog here. It not nice being invited to go and write for an online magazine and even talk to the creator of such magazine on the phone and plan things and at the end have nothing.

This is not a payed job I was going to do it with a lot of heart. When I talked to the creator on the phone she seemed like she liked my ideas and my way of thinking. We had agreed that I would write for them for free and just help each other get noticed and grow. She clearly said don’t worry about structure or spelling.

We had communicated via emails and had agreed on three articles I was going to write about. I had send her all three of my ideas. When the time came I wrote my first article and emailed it. One month passed and I had no responce from her. Another month passed and I decided to email and asked what was going on. She responds with “I am in the process of having someone on my staff edit your article.  if you like what we’ve done, we can agree to publish it”.

By this point I was all hyped about being a writter for an online magazine. I was waiting and checking my email for a responce and reading my article and saying “publish”. I had mentioned it to family members I was going to write for this magazine. I was all hyped until I got and email from her saying “I just heard back from my lead editor that it’d be too difficult to edit it down with corrections for publication.  i’m so sorry – we had a hold up on our end.  Thank you for following through and I hope we stay in touch”, no way in a million years I would of though she was going to say this.

Thank you for getting me all excited and then making me wait two months to burst my bubble. I know it was for free and at my own risk and that am not the greatest writer ever. You also said don’t worry about structure and spelling. All to get drop from the top of the mountain because “it would be too difficult to edit my work”.

You just stole my idea good or bad. You played with my feelings and maked me feel proud of my self but then drop me from so high. Way to go you’ve done it. You made me feel terrible about my writting for a week. You drop my confidence half ways. The worst part was she’s a mom too. A mom doesn’t hurt another mom.

All has passed and my confidence is back. All this has opened my eyes to scams and players like them. that’s how you want to grow to give opportunities to some and saying your to difficult to correct to others. If I wore to give you a rating, I wouldn’t be able to rate you because it only goes from 1-5 and zero is not on the scale. is the worst dream poper in the net. (You know who am talking about)


Continue Breastfeeding? Well, YES!

My baby is almost 9 months already and the question I always get is are you still breastfeeding? and my answer is always “well, YES!”.  I know that not all mom breast feed more than 6 months or sometimes not at all. I had set my mind to breast feed for 6 months, well no I think I always said that answer to please the people but in my mind I always though I was going to breastfeed for 1 year. I had the preparation I needed to stayed breastfeeding more than just 6.

I am totally not saying that breastfeeding is not going to hurt because it sure does. The breast get engorged (full of milk), get sore, cracked, and painful. I had a rough start but all the reading and help that I got helped me to continue breastfeeding . All the discomfort goes away with time and the correct latch on keeps the breast and nipple happy. Mama is happy if baby is happy and breast milk is the best for their nutrition and growth. Formula is very heavy and most of the time babies get constipated. Not all mother think like me but breast milk is the right way to go. Think about all the time and hassle your going to safe your self at night from making a warm bottle of formula milk, when you can just whip the breast out and feed.

The thing you need to do to continue breastfeeding passing the 6 months or even to start breastfeeding as soon baby is born are the following. Read educate your self about the advantages breast milk has. I read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, by La Leche League when I was pregnant AWESOME book. It teaches all you need to know from why, where, what and who it helps. The next thing is to have all you need when you are already breastfeeding; like breastfeeding pads for the links and Lanolin ointment for sore nipples because lets face it “IT’S GOING TO HAPPENED”.  The last thing is to get help from a breastfeeding consultant they are great when the book doesn’t have the answers they sure will and is ladies that have breastfeed before so you’re not getting just any girl.

Breast milk is liquid gold as they always say on the book. I feel like my baby was covered more from being sick and if she got sick she would heal faster. If breast milk is liquid gold I though I should feed my baby girl with all I can give her. Not only that but because for some is so hard to latch on the baby just to not feed them as long as possible. The breastfeeding consultant get very happy when a mother get to 6 months and extremely happy when that mother continues breastfeeding.

Check this video out where I explain and show you the things yo need.