What’s on my Child’s Easter Basket?

Easter is almost here and everyone, well not everyone but mommies are getting their child Easter baskets ready. Since this would be Luna’s first Easter I almost had no idea what to put in her basket since she is only 7 months old. I made some choices that would help me with my daughter but she would still enjoy.

Here is what I have included on the basket I sure went low in the budget since she is very little and getting her lots of things would not really matter. I have bought her basket at the 99c store and it looks like a purse and its plastic so she can later used it and wont rip like a basket would. I include a bag of balloons since she is starting to love them, I also included one cute stress ball apple from shoopkins. I also included a little cute rabbit since everything Easter is about the Rabbit or Bunny.

Since we are collecting the care bears I also included two blind bags. Since after mass we would go and hunt for eggs she would need a cute easy to be in outfit. Last but not least included two kinder eggs they are delicious chocolate eggs which include a toy inside. The chocolate for me and the toy for Luna since she wont eat the chocolate hehe. Not forgetting her bunny ear head band to wear and be silly as she can be.

Here is a video where you can see what’s on my child’s Easter basket and her Easter Sunday outfit. Don’t forget that mom’s also have fun and need some chocolate for Easter.


easter  basket 4easter  basket 5



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