Leprachaun Chocolate Rainbow Cake

I do not “celebrate” St. Patrick’s Day but I do love to make any decor and goodies for you guys.  This recipe is so fun and gives you a surprise at the end, it could be chocolate but its a rainbow. I sincerely love anything rainbow it also remind me of Care Bears and I love them.

So lets her started with what you need I totally do the cake mix boxes and add other little taste to make them taste non box cake mix. You need 1 box of chocolate and 1 box of classic white and what ever you need with the box like water, oil, eggs and Nesquick for the flavoring and food coloring for the batter, the pan and baking spray and not forgetting the fun fetti frosting.

You will do the batter as directed no need to see or if you do please check the video down below. Do the batters the chocolate and the classic white. To the white add two table spoons of Nesquick and the chocolate a side and separate the white one into four plates for coloring.

mix the colors well add more food coloring for intense color, I have purple which I made with red and blue, then the others are green, blue and red.

Now add half of the chocolate on the bottom of the pan, then gradually add the colored batter about 3 repeats and at the end add the other half of the chocolate one on top.

Put it in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 min, wait for it to cool and you can frost, here I added red one so it would be even more of a surprise.

After you have covered the cake with frosting add the funfetti for more fun. Refrigerate for a while as long as you like then cut a piece another til is done. Hope you enjoy this fun recipe and have fun.

Watch the video for more help, and have a happy St. Patrick’s Day.



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