Baby Friday’s: 6th Month Update

Hey ya’ll so here we are again, I was thinking about what to talk about with you guys then I remember that my daughter turns 6 months today. Time has passed so fast that I can not believe that she is half of a year. It seems like yesterday we brought her home. Now she is a big healthy baby girl weighing 19.14 lbs and 26.5 inches long, with cute chubby cheeks and 4 teeth. I am happy she is growing but in side of me I feel so sad to see her grow and not be a tiny baby.

She already has started eating baby food but doesn’t leave my boob alone. She has tasted formula but breast milk is her favorite and doesn’t seem like she is going to give up. Since she has 4 teeth is get difficult  to nurse her at time since she bites at time. When I was pregnant and mom’s would tell me time passes really fast and having a tiny baby flies never knew it was this flashing fast. Even though I get excited about her 1st birthday and have been thinking of the theme of the party it sadness me to see her grow.

For now I am a stay home mom but have been thinking about going back to work but having 6 month with my baby is soo difficult to go out without her. She also has been so attach to me that the moment I live she cries. Even though I need that little relax time to my self when I hear her cry there is like a war between aaaggh and awwww  feelings.

6 months is the greatest time for a baby but a very sad time for mom’s.

6 Months with 4 teeth and eating baby food.


Check our video where you get to know Luna and hear her new happenings


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