Constipated Baby? What to do?

When I tough about my daughter eating something else besides my milk I always got worried. Why? you may ask, well because I was afraid of constipation, that is why I was hesitant about giving her the rice cereal so I completely skipped that since to tell you the truth is has like no benefits. I started giving her “baby food” even though she had tried bananas and avocado. I gave her apple then carrots and she seemed to like carrots best so I continued until I noticed her poop consistency was changing. I knew it was going to change but had no idea she was going to get constipated.

So one Friday night she had the worst evening she wanted to poop and couldn’t she was doing it like she was a rabbit tiny balls and very hard. I was at home with her because she was constantly crying and sweating from the pain she had because she was trying to poop. I was breaking my heart, I called my husband to bring her a prune Gerber, while that happened I went to the not internet and searched for remedies or what to do. That’s where I saw that I should limit the amount of banana and carrots babies should eat so that was a surprise to me. I also saw to give them prune juice or Gerber, apple juice or Gerber and or pear Gerber and other fiber food for her to have an easier bowel movement. I started to give her apple juice but she wasn’t a fan of it.

My husband got home without any prune Gerber  and not going to lie it got me a little frustrated that he didn’t go to another store to find it aaggghh, but he did bring prune juice so happy for that. I gave her some and surprisingly she loved it and she drink almost 2oz, about one hour she started to cry louder and sweating more that’s when the big piece of poop was coming out. Worst 10 minutes or less of my life, I can’t stand see her in pain at all. When that big piece of poop was finally out she was relieve and went to sleep poor baby of mine.

Prunes were the remedy my daughter needed to poop soft and watery again. Thank you prunes you are the best!

Want to see what happened and more info on the process watch my Baby Friday’s video on constipated babies and what to do.

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Baby Friday’s: 6th Month Update

Hey ya’ll so here we are again, I was thinking about what to talk about with you guys then I remember that my daughter turns 6 months today. Time has passed so fast that I can not believe that she is half of a year. It seems like yesterday we brought her home. Now she is a big healthy baby girl weighing 19.14 lbs and 26.5 inches long, with cute chubby cheeks and 4 teeth. I am happy she is growing but in side of me I feel so sad to see her grow and not be a tiny baby.

She already has started eating baby food but doesn’t leave my boob alone. She has tasted formula but breast milk is her favorite and doesn’t seem like she is going to give up. Since she has 4 teeth is get difficult  to nurse her at time since she bites at time. When I was pregnant and mom’s would tell me time passes really fast and having a tiny baby flies never knew it was this flashing fast. Even though I get excited about her 1st birthday and have been thinking of the theme of the party it sadness me to see her grow.

For now I am a stay home mom but have been thinking about going back to work but having 6 month with my baby is soo difficult to go out without her. She also has been so attach to me that the moment I live she cries. Even though I need that little relax time to my self when I hear her cry there is like a war between aaaggh and awwww  feelings.

6 months is the greatest time for a baby but a very sad time for mom’s.

6 Months with 4 teeth and eating baby food.


Check our video where you get to know Luna and hear her new happenings

Baby’s 1st Valentine’s Day

I am a new mom to a 6 month old beautiful baby girl, and making all her 1st’s special is my goal. Since she was born in August 2015 her first holiday to celebrate was Halloween I tried my best to have her involved on the celebration. I also wanted Halloween to be memorable because is one of my favorite celebrations. This year is going to be her 1st Valentine’s Day and to tell you the truth I think is the most important celebration you DO NOT want to skip. Showing your babies how much you love them is very important and Valentine’s Day is a great way.

The first thing I did for this year is buying a valentine’s day card that actually says Happy 1st Valentine’s Day Baby. I wrote I love your tiny feet and hands, I love your smile and chubby cheeks. I love your warm hugs and even your nipple bites. When ever she can read she will see that even the uncomfortable things she did I always LOVED her.

Valentines is another excuse to say I LOVE YOU, but don’t forget that you have all year to show and say it; but February 14 is just a day to exaggerate it. Babies might now eat chocolate the most delicious candy to have Valentine’s Day but giving them the best and lovely day is all they need to feel Loved.

Don’t forget to involved babies on the Valentine’s Day Celebration they sure will pay back with a wet kiss or a warm hug.